Post 16 Curriculum

Our BTEC courses

Our BTEC courses in the Sixth Form are Level 3 qualifications. Whilst A Levels are assessed primarily through examination and coursework, BTEC courses provide continuous assessment through portfolios of work. These suit some students better and enable them to secure Level 3 qualifications without the burden of exams. BTEC courses offer a clear path to University or Higher Apprenticeships too with a Disinction* grade the equivalent of an A* BTEC courses lead to the Level 3 Certificate in Year 12 (equivalent to one AS qualification) and to the Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Year 13 (equivalent to one A Level). Where students have followed some BTEC courses in Years 10 and 11, we will advise them to continue this pathway within the Sixth Form.

Year 12 Options (You must choose up to three courses plus one add-on) The following courses are subject to student demand:


  • BTEC Business Studies (Subsidiary Diploma)
  • BTEC Health & Social Care (Subsidiary Diploma)
  • BTEC Hospitality (Subsidiary/Extended Diploma)
  • BTEC ICT (Subsidiary Diploma)
  • BTEC in Sport (Subsidiary Diploma)
  • BTEC in Sport (Diploma)
  • BTEC in Sport (Extended Diploma)
  • BTEC in Children’s Play, Learning and Development (Extended Certificate) Add-ons/Enrichment
  • Community Sports Leadership (Year 12)
  • Higher Sports Leadership Award (Year 13)
  • Extended Project
  • GCSE English/Maths re-sit if applicable

*If you get below a C at GCSE in English or Maths you must re-sit.