Health & Social Care

What will I study?

Health and Social Care BTEC qualification aims to increase your understanding of the world of work in health, social care, early years services and children’s services. You will look at the key roles and principles that underpin these professions. The course looks at the needs of different people, major life changes they may experience and the support that is available to help them throughout their lives.

You will also learn about promoting health and wellbeing and the impact of nutrition and social influences on these. There are many factors that have an impact upon our development and you will investigate these throughout the course.


What can this course lead to?

Health and Social Care can help to provide access to a range of careers and further study opportunities in the caring professions. These include being a dietician, nutritionist, health officer, counsellor, social worker, nurse and many more. It is possible to continue studying this subject in the Sixth Form.


How will this course be assessed?

Examination (1 hour paper) 25%

Human Lifespan Development

Coursework 75%


You will complete units that cover a range of Health and Social Care issues. Coursework is presented in a variety of ways—through presentations, written documents, information leaflets and booklets.