What will I study?

Students studying ICT will focus on completing a vocational course in ICT with the equivalence of 1 GCSE. This course is developed in conjunction with leading employers in the UK and encompasses many of the key skills business leaders are looking for in new employees in the ICT sector.

The vocational nature of this course means that the emphasis on assessment for students is related to what they are able to produce on a computer.

ECDL teaches you to know how to use a computer confidently and effectively, building a more productive, efficient learner and encouraging problem-solving, creativity and communication.

ECDL qualifications are made up of interactive units that build on existing knowledge and motivate further learning. You will learn about Word Processing, Spreadsheet software, Presentation software and improving productivity using IT.

With ICT increasingly being used in all sectors of work, there are very few jobs where the skills leant from this subject wouldn’t be an advantage in the job market.


What can this course lead to?

You may progress from this course to study on vocational level three courses in ICT at 6th form or college. The course will also be suitable for those looking to move onto an apprenticeship in the ICT sector.


How will this course be assessed?

Online examinations.


Resources for Spreadsheets


Absolute cell referencing




Formula practice

games sales

Spreadsheet revision


6 Printing

7 Cell referencing

8 If then else

1 What is a spreadsheet

2 Spreadsheets formulae

3 Columns of data

4 Functions 5 Charts




Car imports




Maths made easy