Headteachers Letters Posted on 19/12/18

Headteachers Letters

Dear Parents/Carers

As the end of term draws near, I am writing to give you details for the end of term and the start of next term arrangements.

We will finish school at 1pm on Thursday 20 December and will have a Christmas themed non uniform day. Usual School rules will still apply. No donation is required. If your child is scheduled for a PE lesson on Thursday morning, they will still need to bring their PE kit. We will have a Christmas concert and spot prizes on Thursday so please make sure your child attends so that they can enjoy our community celebration.
Buses on the last day will be as follows:
School coaches will leave school site at approximately 1 pm
10 is at 1.20 pm
10A is at 1.10pm
23 is at 1.20 pm

I know that students are looking forward to Christmas and the presents they may receive. If they are lucky enough to receive an Apple watch or similar expensive Pandora jewellery, please keep it at home when school restarts. They are not permitted in school. This is due to the cost of these items which ranges from £299-£699. The school takes no responsibility for theft, loss or damage for items which are not permitted in school. These watches also have a disruptive effect in class because students can check texts and emails and access social networks. This is not conducive to learning.
We have a number of Christmas Elf hampers which we will be delivering to the lucky winners before we break up for the holiday. Every student will be in a draw to choose the lucky recipients. Staff and governors have contributed to these as a thank you gesture to students for all their hard work and kindness throughout the term.

This term has seen a great improvement in students having all the correct equipment for lessons and I thank you for supporting us in this. Punctuality has also improved and we intend to keep improving these good habits for all students. We do need to improve attendance though and we need your help in making sure your child attends school every day. Children with the best attendance also achieve the best exam results.
School will reopen at normal time on Monday 7 January 2019. Safety-in line with other Walsall schools and with the support of West Midlands Police, we have assemblies taking place with all year groups about the dangers of knife crime, an issue that is causing concern nationally. This is a timely opportunity to request your support in reinforcing safety messages to your child. Please make sure you check the content of their phone regularly, that you monitor their social media use and who they are in contact with and reduce or stop their use if it is having a negative impact on their behaviour or mental health.

Similarly it is important that you know who they are socialising with, where they are going and that they know what to do if anyone tries to coerce them into doing something they know is dangerous, illegal or unsafe. We have been discussing all of these issues in PSHE lessons recently and it is a good time for you to follow this up with discussions at home so that we are all reinforcing the same messages to stay safe.
I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas and that 2019 brings you peace, happiness and good health. I know that for some families Christmas can be a difficult time due to illness or bereavement and, if you think that we can support you in any way, please contact us at the school through your Head of Year or directly to me, Mrs Tomlinson or Mr McGlynn.

Yours sincerely
Helen Keenan