Headteachers Letters Posted on 19/07/18

Headteachers Letters

Guide Dog Fever

The term has passed in a blur of activities, hard work and charity fever. We have to congratulate Miss Price and the School Council for their amazing work in raising over £1500 to buy a Guide dog puppy. The highlight of this campaign was a visit from Vixen and her foster mum Sophie Vann to show us all what is involved in the process and why it is so important for the eventual owner to have such an amazing dog to assist them in their everyday life. We all fell in love with Vixen and Sophie was a wonderful teacher and trainer. She said she felt like a VIP for the day and the students at Brownhills School were lovely, which of course they are!

The PE Department with Miss Rodgers at the helm organised a Race For Life event on site which has raised over £1700 for Cancer Research through a sponsored run. We are very proud of our caring and generous students and parents who support these charities-well done to everyone who took part.

While I write this we have 50 students and 5 staff at Paris Disneyland enjoying a combination of meeting Mickey Mouse and speaking French as well as the educational aspects of the park! There are also a myriad of other activities going on both educational and fun.

We hope that everyone has a happy and healthy summer break and I do ask that we remind all the students to be safe during the 6 week break and be particularly sensible about not swimming in open water, not trespassing on train lines and to be mindful of the danger of fires during the hot weather and the devastating impact this has on the environment as well as putting the lives of fire officers at risk.

Best wishes,

H Keenan