Performing Arts (Drama and Music)

Key Stage 3

The Brownhills Performing Arts department provides students with the opportunity to participate in practical music, drama and dance workshops through both lessons and extracurricular activities. Singing underpins our arts curriculum and much of our musical learning is done using the voice as the main instrument. Students also learn to play the keyboard and to explore the sounds of a variety of percussion instruments. Music is often linked with drama through the study of musical theatre and there are further acting and performance opportunities linked to music making throughout Key Stage 3 and through our regular school productions. Students will explore the music of many composers such as Beethoven, Mozart and Prokofiev whilst also enjoying world music through African drumming workshops, Reggae music and Indian music. Film music is investigated through the Harry Potter movies and students will also create their own covers of pop songs such as ‘Happy’, ‘Grenade’ and ‘Price Tag’.


Key Stage 4

What will I study?

Have you ever thought about all of the things that need to happen before a performance is seen by an audience?

In this course you will take on a specific performing or production role and will prepare for, and produce, a performance by carrying out tasks that are appropriate to your role. No matter what role you undertake, you will also need to explore the performance piece you are working on. Your performance company can include both performers and a production team. The performers could be actors, dancers or musicians and the production team can include some, or all, of the following roles: sound or lighting technicians, costume, set, make-up, prop or mask production.

Alongside learning how to put together a performance you will evaluate and develop your personal skills in music, drama or production. You will learn how to keep records of this development and work towards targets that you have set yourself.


What can this course lead to?

This course will provide you with opportunities to develop your confidence in performing and presenting in front of groups of people. You will develop your team work skills as you will have to work together to plan an event. These are all skills that you can apply to any employment role in the future. Pathways to further study at Post 16 are available.

If you decide to follow a career in the performing arts then this course will both equip you with technical skills and prepare you for applying for jobs and courses in the future.


How will this course be assessed?

Skills Development 60%

Portfolio of evidence and controlled assessment

Showcase Performance 40%