Post 16 Education

What are the benefits of joining the Sixth Form?

• Higher qualifications

• Preparation for Higher Education and Career Choice

• Continuity – students and staff know one another well

• Opportunities to take responsibility

• Opportunities to contribute to school life in an adult context

• Opportunities to exercise leadership and to show initiative

• Independence as student learners

• Committed and enthusiastic teams of teachers

• Often smaller group sizes than elsewhere

• Designated study and common room facilities

Admission to Year 12 In order to be considered for a place, students must have at least 95% attendance in Year 11 and have a good behaviour record in Key Stage 3 and 4. As well as the basic entry requirements, there is other criteria which we apply before deciding whether to offer a place in the sixth form.

• We must feel that the chosen subject is suitable to allow career progression

• We must be confident that students are committed to the requirements of their course We also have additional expectations which relate to part-time employment and other commitments;

• It is not appropriate for sixth form students to spend too much time in part-time paid employment

• We require students to be on the premises during the school day

• We require students to attend all timetabled lessons unless they are absent because of illness or other authorised reasons