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On Thursday 8th November, while getting the pupils on board the school coaches, a member of staff noticed that a student on the adjacent coach (coach 4)was holding a Leatherman type multi tool with the 7 cm (2.5 inches)blade drawn on it and was trying to vandalise the seat in front of him with it. The pupil was immediately identified and after questioning and bag searches, the pupil actually responsible for bringing this weapon into school and another pupil who was directly involved were removed from the coach and taken back into school by senior staff. The knife was not used to threaten another pupil at any time. We are still investigating this serious incident and we have reported it to the police. We will be following the Governor’s process on weapons in dealing rigorously with this incident. The school has a zero tolerance on bringing any type of weapon into school and all pupil and parents/carers sign a Home School Partnership Agreement which reinforces that message. These type of incidents are extremely rare at this school and we work hard to keep the school safe. Thank you to those parents who have sent us supportive messages today. Please be reassured that we are dealing with this matter. I will be talking to every child today and reminding them about staying safe and keeping our community safe. If you have any concerns about this matter, please contact us at the school.



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