What will I study?

Studying Sociology is exciting, interesting and relevant to us as human beings. It enables us to make sense of the rapidly changing word that we live in. Sociology helps us study society and the way people behave and also how people’s beliefs and identity are shaped.

Sociology is a subject that deals with all aspects of life outside the classroom and operates from analysing face-to-face interactions, daily life, and examining the relationship between different nations.


You will also develop an understanding of social change and how we have gained our place within the world. Sociology also helps you gain a critical approach to the understanding of culture, identity, families, education, crime, childhood and social power.


What can this course lead to?

Sociology is a great choice of subject for people who want a career in social work, nursing or medicine. However the subject is also useful in a number of careers such as marketing, advertising, PR, journalism, law and teaching. Sociology can be studied at A Level and complements other subjects such as Psychology, History and Physical Education.


How will this course be assessed?

Examination 100%