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Our advice when completing home learning would be not to expect children to complete the hours of a normal school day. It is important to be flexible to ensure the best fit for your child and circumstances. You cannot be the expert in every subject so the best focus would be to encourage and build up self-direction in your children.


If you need any subject specific support, the email addresses for all subjects can be found in the home learning section of the website. Your query will be passed on to your child’s teacher for them to respond.


On a personal note, we want to ‘thank you’ for what your ongoing support with your child’s learning.

Take care and stay safe




Our YouTube Channel

Brownhills Ormiston Academy is committed to continuing to deliver the best possible education for our young people through remote learning.  Our departments have created lessons for students from Year 7 to 10 to ensure that school can function remotely and effective learning can continue. These resources are now freely available to students on YouTube:

Brownhills Ormiston Academy YouTube Channel

With a simple one-click access, students will benefit from a wide range of high-quality lessons in English, mathematics, science, humanities, modern languages, PE and the arts.  The series of video lessons are structured around an accessible quiz, direct teacher instruction and pupil tasks/practice.

Please follow the instructions below on how to access Brownhills Ormiston Academy remote lessons.

Brownhills Ormiston Academy YouTube User Guide

Students are expected to complete all of the lessons in their year group subject area by the end of the summer term 2020.

Health & Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing Numbers


StarLine home learning helpline

StarLine – a new home learning telephone helpline – is now live to support parents and carers nationwide.

A group of partners including David Ross Education Trust, Freshworks, Future Academies, Inspiration Trust, Mumsnet, Oak National Academy, PLMR, StarAcademies, Triple P Positive Parenting Program and United Learning have come together to create and deliver StarLine. Each partner has pledged their people, expertise and resources to support parents and carers in the following ways:

  • By providing access to a team of qualified teachers, education and parenting experts.
  • By focussing on providing practical ideas, support and reassurance.
  • By offering tips, techniques and resources to enable parents to give their children the support they need to continue learning while schools are closed.
  • By supporting family wellbeing and mental health.
  • By covering all phases of education and subjects plus behaviour, pupil wellbeing and SEND.

StarLine is available to parents and carers of pupils from all schools nationwide. Free, confidential advice is available six days a week by phoning the StarLine team on 0330 313 9162. For more information, visit or follow @StarLineSupport on Twitter.

StarLive will be broadcast live on StarLine YouTube channel every Wednesday morning at 8.30am and will finish before PE with Joe begins at 9am.


Sharing Success

Lily Hadley in year 8. She made the red velvet cake for Father’s Day and the Minecraft fit a friend’s birthday. Aren’t they brilliant!!

Codey Knight has taken part in Mrs. Perrys Nature challenges this week he made bird feeders and a few weeks ago he helped plant;Tomato seeds, Squash seeds and Radish seeds.

Hollie Joiner has created a stunning piece of art work during lock down. She gives us a little insight to the meaning behind the piece.

“The picture I drew of the nurse with the boxing gloves represents how much the NHS has had to go through whilst trying to fight and contain the Coronavirus. The doctors and nurses have had to work on the front lines trying to protect and save all of the patients that have Covid-19. They also have to try and protect themselves and their families just as much in case they either catch the virus or become carriers of it. That’s why the nurse has boxing gloves it’s due to them fighting a really hard battle and they all need to remain strong to win and overcome it.”

As all of the KS3 students who are using Google Classrooms know, Miss Price has been running a very exciting biology competition this week. Students were asked to produce a model of a cell from items they could find in their home. This fantastic year 8 student had blown Miss Price away by creating this amazing plant cell pizza. Not only is it such a creative idea, but all of the cell structures and clearly visible and it looks delicious. Well done!


Well done to Selina Llewellyn year 7 achieving her Blue Peter Badge


Well done to Connor Richards who is  raising money for Acorns Hospice doing 26 burpee’s per day for 26 days.

Well done to Alex and  Lewis Hogg who have made some delicious looking banana muffins. The recipe can be found in edition 1 of the school newsletter.

Joseph Clay in in year 9 asked his mom if he could do something to support the NHS during this unprecedented time. Joe raised £340 by shaving his hair off on VE day and is going to donate the money to the NHS.

Reece Fellows and his younger sister had been fundraising for the RAF Air cadets – Aldridge squadron 425, they had walked 75km during April and asked for money to go towards the air ambulance. So far the 45 participants have raised £850!

Year 11

Oaks collage Cambridge have  a number of transition tasks to help develop your interest in your future studies. These  will  help  prepare you for year 12 or Collage in September. Visit


Visit S-cool to read ahead to prepare for September or even for if you are not sure what subjects to study there are lots of tips to choosing A levels.

Start is a free, online careers platform, designed to connect 11-18 year olds with their future career potential. By following Start’s structured and progressive activities, the platform caters for all students helping them to make more informed decisions about future study and career options at the right time and in good time.

Careers & Learning opportunities

Oak National Academy Videos

Parents can access 180 lessons a week for every year group, through a new online platform, Oak National Academy. It will provide video lessons for students, with each lesson coming with a corresponding quiz and worksheet visit for further information.

Emotional Well-Being

Health & Well-Being Numbers