Key Stage 3

During years 7 & 8, students will get the chance to complete design projects in a range of media areas including Resistant Materials, Food Technology and Product Design. During each project they will get the chance to learn about a wide range of tools and processes and then demonstrate their understanding in the products they make. In Resistant Materials, students will get the chance to learn and work with a range of woods, metals and plastics which will be reflected in the variety of projects they design and make. In Food Technology they will have the chance to work with a wide range of healthy recipes and will be able to eventually design their own, based on the knowledge they gain. Product Design allows the students to use some of the department’s specialist Computer Aided Manufacture facilities to design and make their products with a clear emphasis on developing their Computer Aided Design skills From year 10 onwards, students will choose whether to opt for Design and Technology for their GCSE where they will develop their skills further to create more technically accomplished project work.


Key Stage 4

What will I study?

The Manufacturing course is made up of an exam and a controlled assessment with the exam weighting 40% and a controlled assessment which makes up the remaining 60%.

The controlled assessment is two units, the first is a product study based around how an old product of their choice has evolved over time and a Design and Make project where you use your practical skill and creativity to overcome a design challenge that is given to you by the exam board. You are allowed to solve the design challenge anyway they want along as you only use the materials wood, metal or plastic.

There is large emphasis placed on using the Design Process as a tool to solve the challenge and you will have to provide evidence of your thought process through a combination of written and practical work, to create a design portfolio of evidence and final practical model (controlled assessment).

The examined unit is a combination of Design and Manufacturing Theory based questions and is designed to test the knowledge gained over the two years it takes to complete the GCSE course.

This year’s Manufacturing projects have included storage units for items ranging from makeup storage, gadgets and computer consoles, bathroom cabinets and educational toys.


What can this course lead to?

Manufacturing is an ideal qualification for any student who may be hoping to enter a career in the Design, Construction or Engineering. It also offers a useful foundation for proceeding onto a variety of A-level and BTEC courses because of the variety of skills learnt through the completion of the GCSE.


How will this course be assessed?

Examination 40%

Controlled Assessment (coursework and practical) 60%


Food Technology Calendars

Yr 7 recipe calendar Term 2

Yr 8 recipe calendar Term 2

Yr 9 recipe calendar Term 2