Business Studies curriculum at Brownhills Ormiston Academy

The department’s vision


  • Business Studies at Brownhills Ormiston Academy seeks to equip pupils with an understanding of the business and financial world both within the UK and globally.
  • Pupils will develop their oracy, written and literacy skills within their lessons for them to feel confident in a business environment and to be able to use these skills in other subjects.
  • Business Studies will provide pupils with an exciting and rigorous curriculum that address the challenges and opportunities offered by the corporate rich world in which we live.
  • Pupils will gain secure knowledge and skill which will encourage them to use technology to create ICT solutions, solve problems and develop computational thinking skills.
  • Within the curriculum, we aim to promote a clear understanding of business studies by using different methods of teaching and using a wide range of varied resources for teaching including: real life examples, video clips, group discussions and independent work.


  • With these skills pupils will then be able to relate their understanding of business to real world scenarios and develop their understanding of key skills that are required in a modern working environment.

Sequencing of lessons

In Year 9 pupils will study the following topics: Business Activity, Marketing and People. In Year 10 pupils will develop their understanding of Business further by covering the following topics: Operations, Finance, and Influence on Business.

During Year 11 pupils will recall their knowledge and understanding for all six topics and in addition work through current and relevant case studies. They will also work through past papers ensuring they are confident in answering exam questions in preparation for the summer exams.


Pupils will complete half termly assessment which will include key vocabulary tests, recall quizzes and end of Unit assessments. In Year 10 and 11 pupils will sit mock examinations to prepare them for the external examination at the end of the course. Pupils will be assessed through a controlled assessment in the summer term of Year 11 which will include two equally weighted exam papers (50%).

Paper 1-Business activity, Marketing and People (1.5 hours long)

Paper 2- Operations, Finance, and Influence on Business (1.5 hours long)


5 Year Road Map

Business 5 Year Plan