Physical Education

PE curriculum at Brownhills Ormiston Academy

The department’s vision,  


  • Physical Education at Brownhills Ormiston Academy offers our students the opportunity to explore a range of sports and physical activities to develop the physical, social and emotional well- being of our students.


  • We have developed a broad and engaging curriculum that allows all students to achieve beyond their expectations and to develop a healthy life-long love of physical activity while learning the skills, knowledge, and techniques to become successful in sport.


  • We want all students to feel they belong as part of a team, believe in their healthy potential and become as physically, socially, and emotionally well as they can be.  We do this by developing the attitudes, skills and knowledge required to be a leader and provide memorable experiences throughout a student’s journey within Physical Education.


  • All students will be encouraged to continue their development of Physical Education through extra-curricular opportunities and representation of sports teams in competitive fixtures.


  • Students will be given the opportunity to think, demonstrate, and talk like sports performers and will begin to relate their understanding of Physical Education to sports careers.

Sequencing of lessons

Throughout the key stages students will have a balanced timetable of invasion, net and wall, striking and fielding, dance, gymnastics, swimming and water safety and outdoor adventurous activities.

In Year 7, students will develop and master the fundamental skills to start performing in sports on the curriculum. These sports include football, rugby, netball, swimming, basketball, athletics, cricket, fitness, rounders, Dance and OAA. They will learn how to complete a warm up and cool down and understand the basic rules of the sports they participate in.

In year 8 students will look to build on the fundamental skills they have learned in Year 7 and start to develop these with advanced skills. An emphasis on application in competitive situations will be introduced with students starting to explore tactics.

In year 9 students will continue to develop their technique and performance through competitive situations and will implement tactics and strategies to use in competition. Students will participate across a broad range of physical activities across the year.

Leadership is promoted across all key stages with students having the opportunity to progress through different sports leadership roles within lessons and through extra-curricular

Across KS4, students will participate in demanding physical activities to gain a greater understanding of personal fitness, and active, healthy lifestyles. Students will be taught the benefits of having an active, healthy lifestyle to help continue to achieve this beyond school.

Students will continue to develop and evaluate their performances across a broad range of physical activities including outdoor adventurous activities.

At KS4 students have the option to study BTEC Sport. Four units will be taught, unit 1: Fitness for sport and exercise. Unit 2: Practical performance in sport. Unit 3: Applying the principles of personal training. Unit 6: Leading sports activities. Unit 1 is an external assessment and Unit 2,3 and 6 are internally assessed through coursework.


In Physical Education students will be formatively assessed in each lesson and will receive a summative assessment at the end of each topic. Students will be assessed on their ability to perform the skills and techniques taught in lesson through isolation and competition. Students will be asked recall specific teaching points from their lesson through a range of questioning. A “Do Now” is completed at the start of every lesson and often students will be asked to self or peer assess their own or others sports performance. Those studying BTEC Sport will receive summative assessment on the completion of coursework and will be externally assessed through their Unit 1 examination.

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5 Year Road Map

PE 5 Year Road Plan