PSHE curriculum at Brownhills Ormiston Academy

The department’s vision,
• PSHE at Brownhills develops skills for future learning and employment. Developing student’s cultural capital to be resilient and they strive to aim high and be open minded about their future aspirations.
• Students will be provided with a sequence of concepts which will develop their analytical skills and judgements. This curriculum provides students to apply their own knowledge to feel comfortable when debating and putting across their own opinions.
• Students will be given the Knowledge, skills and attributes they need to keep themselves healthy and safe preparing them for life and work in modern Britain. They will also be taught how to manage their lives now and in the future.
• Students will develop their oracy, written and literacy skills within their lessons for them to feel confident and that they can use these skills in other lessons.
• The breadth and depth of the four topics plus a research methods topic will show the expected progression throughout the course. The lessons are planned with reference to the specification.

Sequencing of lessons

PSHE curriculum consists of themes that the students in all years will work through
– Health and well being
– Relationships
– Living in the wider world

Year 7

• My New School – Settling In
• My Friends – Friendship & Bullying
• My Future – Who do I want to be?
• My Life – Healthy Living & Relaxation
• My World – Diversity & Equality
• My Mind – Decision Making

Year 8

• Self Esteem & Identity
• Relationships
• Options & The Future
• Drugs & Alcohol
• Diversity & Equality
• British Society & Democracy

Year 9

• Human Rights & Discrimination
• Consent, conception & contraception
• The Real World – financial literacy – budgeting, housing, transport
• E-safety, Digital citizenship, social media
• Diversity & Equality
• Moral Thinking

Year 10

• Resilience
• Relationships & Sex Education
• Study Skills, Relaxation & Aspirations
• Drugs, Alcohol & Healthy Living
• Diversity & Equality
• Crime & Criminality

Year 11

• Stress & Relaxation
• Relationships & Sex Education
• Careers & Aspirations
• Diversity & Equality
• Study Skills & Active Revision


PSHE is different to other subjects when looking at assessing. However students will have regular opportunities to reflect on what they have learnt and how they are feeling. Teachers will also check student’s progress and help them improve. Students can be assessed at the start of the course and then at the end of the course.

Curriculum in action