Sociology curriculum at Brownhills Ormiston Academy

The departments vision.

  • Sociology at Brownhills develops skills for future learning and employment. Developing student’s cultural capital to be resilient and they strive to aim high and be open minded about their future aspirations.
  • Students will be provided with a sequence of concepts which will develop their analytical skills and This curriculum provides students to apply their own knowledge to feel comfortable when debating within their written answers which is in line with AQA syllabus.
  • Students will develop their oracy, written and literacy skills within their lessons for them to feel confident and that they can use these skills in other lessons.
  • The breadth and depth of the four topics plus a research methods topic will show the expected progression throughout the course. The lessons are planned with reference to the specification.
  • Concepts will be repeated and revisited, and it will be applied to the theories that are needed which will help develop a greater depth of learning. There will be questions and answers carried out by the teacher. There will be challenging questions and follow up questions.

Sequencing of lessons

​Year 9 students will develop the key terminology and themes that are taught throughout the course. They will build up their knowledge on the different sociological theories that are used throughout the three years. Students will focus on the study of society and Research methods in order for this knowledge to fit into the four topics that are taught within year 10 and 11.  Students in year 10 will also be taught families and households.

Year 10 students enter being taught the topics that are also part of the course with making sure family and households is completed moving onto Education and Crime and deviance. Students are preparing for their knowledge that is needed for their final exam in year 11 which will be seen throughout the lessons. Students will also complete the social stratification topic which again will be needed for their paper 2.

Through year 11 Students will recall their knowledge and understanding for all four topics with research methods alongside. They will work through past papers ensuring that they are confident to answer both paper 1 Families and Education and paper 2 Crime and deviance and social stratification.


Key Stage 4 – Assessment in this key stage involves regular knowledge recall quizzing from current and previous schemes, one summative assessment per half term, mock examinations in Year 10 and Year 11 to prepare students for external examinations at the end of the course. The course is 100% exam with two papers that are 1hr and 45 minutes long.

Knowledge Organisers

GCSE Sociology

5 year Road Map

5 Year Road Plan