Exam Information & Results

Examination Results

Measure 2019
Progress 8 -0.42
Attainment 8 39.57
% Achieving English and Maths (grade 5 or above) 25%
% Of pupils entering the English EBacc 5.6%
% Of pupils achieving the English Baccalaureate 5.6%
Percentage Of Students Staying In Education Or Going Into Employment After KS4 (2020)

Employment after KS4 (2021) Information available January 2022



Brownhills Ormiston Academy is proud of its improving examination results that are continuing to rise each year.

Coronavirus update: due to the adaptations in the way that examination grades were generated in 2020 (centre assessed grades) and 2021 (teacher assessed grades) the Department for Education has not published performance tables for these years.

Our students, parents and staff have continued to celebrate the success of our students in 2021.

Brownhills – GCSEFINAL

The academy’s performance measures for 2022 are predicted to follow our improving trend.

Please see the below link to the Brownhills Ormiston Academy Performance Tables for 2019

School Performance Tables