Achievements Posted on 14/12/20

Christmas Story Competition

The Christmas Carol

Author: Thomas Watton Year 7


It’s Christmas time, 2008, and Kevin was in a joyous mood. Every day, he spreads it to his fellow workers with cheerful greetings of “merry Christmas.” However, his co-workers never wish Kevin a merry Christmas back; but he doesn’t care, he just wants to share the joy, the love and kindness of Christmas spirit.

Every evening when Kevin goes home, he spreads his Christmas joy with his family with cheerful greetings of “merry Christmas.” However, his family never wish Kevin a merry Christmas in return; but he doesn’t care, he just wants to share the joy, the love and kindness of Christmas spirit.

Day by day, Kevin’s Christmas spirit is slowly sapped away. From the 1st; to the 2nd; to the third and all the way up to the 25th of December Christmas spirit slowly drains out of him. Everywhere he goes, he sees Christmas decorations saying merry Christmas and sometimes, even random strangers will say merry Christmas to him too; but now, he doesn’t say it back because he has no Christmas spirit left.

Kevin goes to bed on the 24th of December, with no joy, no glee and no Christmas spirit. Nothing at all. Empty. That same night, however, his family and fellow co-workers look out into the sky where a heart-clenching surprise fills them with joy, but not just Christmas joy… they spot Santa on his sleigh, flying with his reindeer like a comet in the sky… and finally, they believe! Their Christmas spirit skyrockets like Santa’s sleigh and reindeers.

Kevin wakes up the next morning to sounds of Christmas music, coming from the outside of his house and drifting up through his bedroom window. He opens the front door and sees all of his family and friends singing Christmas carols, smiles of joy bursting out of them and Christmas spirit filling their eyes.

Fangtastic Christmas

Author: Kai Westwood Year 8

Maybe. Just maybe this was the worst Christmas eve yet as one young boy suffered the most awful nightmare of his entire life. Inside his deepest slumber, babies (called Squeaky’s) crawl all over him. There is nothing he can do. He cannot move or talk. The strange Squeaky’s. They had huge glowing red fangs and bulging luminous white eyes. They had no nose, and their skin was utterly translucent (if you can call it skin). But this wasn’t the scary bit. Until now, this part of the dream was a regular occurrence for him. Until now. This time it had changed; this time he was a Squeaky; crawling over someone’s body; devouring them like shredders…

Outside of hid bedroom door creaking stairs broke into his nightmare and woke him from his ghoulish dream. He jumped out of bed and ran into his mom and dad’s bedroom for safety, for comfort, but his mom and dad were not there… JUST THE FANGLER

The Fangler was wearing a Christmas hat. A once, white, Christmas hat, but now it was encrusted with dried blood. Cuts and scars covered his body. A blistering stench clung in the air, seeping from his unwashed clothes, his matted, tattered Christmas clothes. He jumped up onto the bed and whispered…

“Hello boy.”

At this point, the boy was ready to faint. He watched, mesmerised, as out of the woodwork crawled Fangler’s minions. They brawled and spread over the floor like marbles. He tracked their razor-sharp claws and the wasp-like wings on their backs as made their way closer and closer to him. They pinned him to the floor, and the evil Santa Fangler pounced and ripped out his heart.

Jolting upright and gasping for air, the boy found himself in his bed, heart pounding and sweat on his brow. He realised it was only a dream. Gathering his senses around him, he slowly awoke properly. He registered that it was Christmas morning, but the boy was not excited. He was full of sorrow. He did not want to go downstairs and open his presents or even look forward to his turkey dinner. He was just scared for his life!

Outside of hid bedroom door creaking stairs broke into his thoughts…