Summer School

Summer School 2021

Our Aims

  • This summer school was offered to every new Year 7 student joining the academy in the following September.
  • This project was planned with a view to support transition for a cohort whose transition process was significantly affected by Covid.
  • We crafted a programme focused on our academy values, aspirations and resilience.
  • This summer school aimed to introduce students to the practical nature of learning at Brownhills with an impetus on teamwork and oracy to explore project based learning actively with their new peers and teachers.
  • This project aimed to develop cultural capital and introduce students to how we embed British Values into day-to-day learning at Brownhills.
  • This project was kept on site at Brownhills due to our focus of being proud of our location and proud of our academy. Every project had a focus on our community and being an active stakeholder in our academy to embed a culture of active engagement with a relevant and equitable curriculum.


Timetable (Week 1)

Timetable (Week 2)


Item Cost
Staffing 18863
Transport, Delivery & Printing 4269.42
Catering 6818.22
Sports & Outdoor 14751.07
The Arts 10822.05
STEM Project 2385.23
Total 57908.99


Parent/Carer Voice

“My son feels more confident and relaxed regarding to start the Academy in September. The summer school was a great experience and and a good introduction to Brownhills Academy.”

“The summer school has given him the opportunity to get to know some of the staff, learn about the school and to make new friends. He’s enjoyed the 2 weeks, returning home every day excited to tell me what he’s been doing and excited for the next day. Its provided a great platform for him to make new friends and keep both his mind and body stimulated.”